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Raised in the city of San Francisco, Charlotte Reider-Smith’s relationship with paint began at an early age, when she was handed a brush and allowed to go wild on the bathroom walls! While she spent her teenage years experimenting with photography, printing, and sewing, painting was always in her heart. In 2015 Charlotte relocated to Vermont to study art at Middlebury College where she discovered the magic of oil paint. Four years and many paintings later, she graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a BA in Studio Art. She is currently based in Vermont.


Charlotte’s inspiration comes from the many layers of her life and the people around her. Her work is sourced from photographs taken by her and her partner (both film photographers) of their lives together. Those in-between, intimate and awkward moments when the subject isn’t quite ready are where she sees real beauty and truth. By building her paintings through a dynamic process of molding, scraping, dripping, and layering paint onto the canvas, Charlotte is able to make a connection between her own life experiences and the paint.

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